1. kalenko:

    Mass effect 3 Character Design: Kaidan Alenko

    “Kaidan’s armor in the original Mass Effect was hardly memorable. We wanted to change that. The team bulked him up to show that he’s seen a lot of action and is ready to fight in the biggest war the galaxy has ever seen. The armor went through many slight changes as we figured out the Alliance colors for human male characters. We used Kaidan’s head from the first Mass Effect, but since the design was more than six years old, we updated his look for Mass Effect 3.”

    Hey, who wants to nerd about character design! Who wants to nerd out about character design REAL HARD? Me! I do!

    So, Kaidan’s new look. I, like the rest of this high-strung ME playing corner of the internet, have some beef. Lemme tell you about it.

    The ironic part about this is while trying to make him “more memorable”, they made him look like every generic male, human combatant. I think they were onto something with the ones in the first row, however, even though the hair is kind of… what’s that doing. Anway, they’re a bit less bulky, which makes sense because to be frank Kaidan’s strength was never in, er, strength.  That’s not going to change no matter how much combat he’s seen since he’s not moving cars or punching out people with his hands, he’s doing it with his mind. And his science. He’s a magical battle techie.

    The more noticably sloped shoulders also give him a different silhouette than the series’ men, who pretty much all carry their shoulders roughly parallel to the ground. That relaxed carriage is not a stereotypical military posture, but given the fact that K. doesn’t seem all that broken up with sleeping with his superiors I’m just going to assume he’s not a stereotypical military man. Or maybe that’s actually fairly standard and I have a stodgy view of the future marine corps, I don’t know.

    It also has yellow accents, and only Jacob’s loyalty uniform has any yellow in it at all. That’s enough to distinguish him a little, although having the shoulder guards and arms be yellow and the rest be navy brings to mind unfortunate visual comparisons with a certain yellow and lederhosen wearing protagonist from FFX. 

    But the final design does fit in with the aesthetic that has developed over the six(?) years the series has been in development. The problem is, it fits in too well. Well enough to be completely unremarkable in form, color, impression; indistinguishable from any other joe schmo in futuristic armor. There’s no innovation, only imitation. It could be an unusually well thought out fan design, like “this is my fan art of what Kaidan would look like as a Soldier-class merc”.

    Speaking of, I’ve seen fanart of characters as different sexes, races… Seems like different classes is the final frontineer.


    How you doing? You look nice. Are those new shoes? No? They look new.

  2. poupart:

You can’t tell by looking at it, but this picture is highly romantic.


    You can’t tell by looking at it, but this picture is highly romantic.