1. no-puppy-eyes:

    Inspired by: (X)

    It’s not available on the official soundtrack or Florence+Machine’s B sides album, so there’s not really capitalism approved way to legally get it, Raptorix. You CAN, however use a website to rip the audio from youtube.

    also this is a Very Good Gifset

  2. i cut some onions like four hours ago and my eyes still feel like I just watched that bit in an old 1990s documentary where a lioness dislocates her shoulder and.. and…weehhhhh


    eyes a-flame with sadness

  3. SHIT THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A PRIVATE REPLy ah hell what’s the use of deleting it now anyway

  4. kylogram said: Apparently, Livejournal still has my email, and it has informed me of a birthday today. I feel I must take this time to wish you have a happy birthday. Bear in mind that this year's birthday wishes will be taken from next year's allotted total should they exceed this year's boundaries.

    so if i take ALL THE WISHES this year, i don’t have to have a birthday next year? SOLD.

  5. asylum-art:

    Simen Johan Photography

    Simen Johan born in Norway in 1973, who darkly explores the human proclivity towards fantasy and our attempts, knowing or otherwise, to alternate realities for ourselves. Merging traditional photographic techniques with digital methods, Johan creates each of his images from as many as one hundred negatives, having first constructed or discovered each element and photographed it on film. Across his body of work, the viewer is urged to ponder the relationship between the real and the artificial or imagined.

      via artsy.net

  6. myampgoesto11:

    Photographic soap bubble studies by Santiago Betancur Z  that look like planets  

    Photographer and painter Santiago Betancur Z explores the intersection between science and abstract art in his photographic studies of bubbles, as well as producing life-size figure painting. In his photographs and video recordings, Betancur Z captures imagery of soap bubbles against dark backgrounds, showcasing the random kaleidoscopic color and light effects produced by the delicate spheres, and the chance allusions that occur in their surfaces

    Watch this beautiful collaboration between Santiago Betancur Z and musician Julian De La Chica

    My Amp Goes To 11Twitter | Instagram

  7. ossimatic said: the source of that vine is "JerryPurpdrank" on vine.


  8. drtanner-sfw:


    this is my favorite vine



    (Source: ruinedchildhood)

  9. allcreatures:

Picture: Scott Cromwell/Solent News (via Pictures of the day: 25 July 2014 - Telegraph)


    Picture: Scott Cromwell/Solent News (via Pictures of the day: 25 July 2014 - Telegraph)