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  2. popularmechanic:

why does this remind me of summer nights when i was five years old where is this from

The Last Unicorn? Yeah, I think The Last Unicorn


    why does this remind me of summer nights when i was five years old where is this from

    The Last Unicorn? Yeah, I think The Last Unicorn

  3. Archaeologists find baths of “sociable” Romans and early evidence of Christianity in Durham



    Excavating two large trenches near Bishop Auckland, experts say a silver ring from the site evidences Christianity in Roman Britain.

    The walls of the bath, where features such as a bread oven nod to an important social as well as recreational space, would once have been covered with brightly-coloured paint designs, with the original floor, doorways, window openings and an inscribed altar dedicated to the Roman Goddess, Fortune the Home-bringer, also surfacing.

    “The form of the ring and the shape of the stone seem to indicate a 3rd century date,” says Dr David Petts, who is coordinating a project which has entered a fifth week in its sixth year of investigations. Read more.

  4. iambickilometer replied to your post “eventually i’m going to have to come to terms with the fact that my…”

    post destruction of planet, character species establishes overcrowded home base and will throw money at anyone who wants to lead an expedition to find habitable but unsettled planets or moons

    Poupon industries proudly announces the hiring of tumblr user Iambickilometer as head writer for PIONEER MOON KISSES: THE GAME

  5. eventually i’m going to have to come to terms with the fact that my perfect game would be 

    • like the oregon trail
    • but it has tons of character development with lots of banter
    • but with dating sim elements WHY NOT
    • and character customization and development mechanics
    • but everyone’s wearing armor
    • but it’s in space
    • no wait it’s in the pacific islands. somewhere around there. just… maybe under the ocean who cares
    • but there are griffins or some other adorable hybridization of two species of pet
    • but gideon emery does a voice in it
    • but you can buy and manage property

  6. poupon:

    RIP Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign April 1, 1948-May 1, 1948. Better luck in the next election cycle, sweet prince.

    people are getting offed in the same order as a horror film all up in this trail. Kayne West lived through the measles, a broken leg, thypoid fever, and Joe Biden getting bit five times by a snake, but finally died of “getting sick”. No one man deserved all that Dover’s Powder

    UPDATE 2:

    When i told my dad that Romney died of dysentery, dad delivered this moving eulogy: “Well, he was always full of shit”.

    UPDATE 3: 

    Joe Biden is currently celebrating his 8th snakebite. The game isn’t even bothering to print out full news items regarding this anymore, it just says “Joe Biden” and then assumes you know what is going to follow after that. Got bit by a snake, I know, game. I know

    UPDATE 4:

    R.I.P. Joe “Got Bit By A Snake” Biden. Since the news feed was vague as to the cause of death, I’m just going to assume he died of being Joe Biden, as the previous day’s news item implies.  It’s just Obama left on this lonesome road to Oregon. Remember, Obama, HOPE! And/or CHANGE!

    UPDATE 5:
    Unfortunately, not even Obama is immune to the tides of change and the rough waters of… uh. Change. After being ghost-piloted into one too many rocks while fording a river, Obama finally swam to that big oval office in the sky.  ”Many wagons fail to make it all the way to Oregon”, the game indifferently tells us. Yes, many wagons fail. But this was The Nation’s Wagon. Though there were many like it, this one was Ours. RIP…. America.



    reblog with the whole story of the 2012 presidential race to oregon, for those who have only seen bits an pieces of it.

    bits and pieces… just like what our wagon became… Alas, America! Alas, humanity!

  7. trying to travel to oregon with a wagon full of politicians is like trying to herd cats. cats that keep getting bit by snakes

  8. unexplained-events:

    Anthropomorphic Tree

    Anthropomorphism which is the recognition of human-like characteristics or form in animals, plants or non-living things. This tree, which can be found in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, has roots which have taken a human-like form.

  9. I don’t understand the design philosophy for most tumblr blog layouts. It’s like, oh sure i could make the navigation clear, accessible and easily found or I COULD MAKE IT INCREDIBLY TINY AND HIDE IT UNDER MOUNTAINS OF GIFS AND DIVS


  10. fereldanwench:



    everyone is fangirling over cullen but I’m just ??? I can’t see him as anything but this neck ruff bird goodbye 

    Well, shit.

    Now I’m not going to be able to stop thinking of that vest thing as Cullen’s breeding plumage.

    His plumage is a very effective mating display. 

    I don’t know its mating efficacy, but it sure is effective to finally stop me thinking of him as “like Judge Magister Gabranth, but seventy percent lumpier and SEVENTY HUNDRED PERCENT NUTTIER”